vitamin D

I was meant to talk about whey today but In light of recent headlines, I’ll talk about vitamin D instead. A number of athletes in the club supplement with vitamin D, myself included. As you go from being a novel athlete you’ll look at your diet and think, am I getting enough protein,carbs but forgetting fats, particularly good fats. However as you become an advanced lifter you start to look at diet more so. It all starts with the fats really, you realise your naturally produced hormones derive from cholesterol, so you start to work healthy fats into your diet. Following this you’ll begin reading of other methods to increase your bodies production of healthy hormones. First off the bat, vitamin D . If lacking studies have shown to increase testosterone production. Secondly by supplementing orally in high doses (higher than food, don’t take to much) your body produces folistatin which inhibits myostatin which limits muscle growth. So vitamin D